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Term Life Insurance Quotes for Heart Disease

Have you had a heart attack, (myocardial infarction)? Have you had a stent or two? Perhaps Bypass surgery? After 6-12 months of being released after the event we can help! With the medical technology we are blessed to have today, Insurance companies understand this is no longer a death sentence and underwrite very aggressively for folks with coronary artery disease. Not all CAD cases are created equal. Our in house underwriters have developed a guide on what we need to be able to provide a very accurate quote and know which carrier will fit your specific situation. For example, we will want to see or know:

1. Catherization report-this shows us exactly which vessels were involved an what degree of blockage(s) are involved. Was there surgical intervention? If so, stents or bypass?

2. Your most recent stress test or echocardiogram after the event.

3. Lab work & medications you take - A copy of your most recent lab work will show us your lipids, liver functions, etc. Statin's and other medications are key for best offers.

4. Family history & exercise - parents and/or siblings also have CAD? Do you have a regular exercise program.

As you can see, we ask very specific items so we can take your personal profile and run it by our in house underwriters to determine the best carrier for your situation. We have the heart to get you the best rates.

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