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Daniel Insurance Agency LLC

Alan Daniel has been a licensed insurance agent since 1984 and started his own business in 1985. In that time he has evolved his business into what is now Daniel Insurance Agency LLC, a highly resourceful network of independent agents who are licensed in all 50 states and do business with more than 100 highly rated life insurance carriers.

Life Insurance & Disability Insurance for Medical Professionals and Business Owner

Buying disability insurance is much like going to the doctor, you need to find the right doctor or specialist. When shopping for disability insurance you need to find an insurance agent who specializes in this space! At Daniel Insurance Agency we work with a large number of medical professionals and business owners to find the best disability insurance policy to protect their financial future. We focus on own-occupation disability for med prof's and BO's to best protect them...aka the money machine. Many agents may sell disability insurance, but if they don't specialize in the market, you find yourself with a policy that isn't the best option. An own-occupation disability policy will cover you even if you are employed in another job, provided your disability keeps you from working in your profession!

One of our clients, Dr. Conroy, a neurosurgeon, had a disability policy when he first contacted us in 1994, however it wasn't specialty specific. In speaking with Alan Daniel he learned more about his options and purchased a new policy that covered him not only until age 65, but for life. Unfortunately for Dr. Conroy, six years later he needed the disability insurance. His contract is an own-occupation disability policy. In comparing his previous policy to the one he has now, here is what he said in his own words "The two policies don't really compare. You spend a lifetime reaching a point of success and you could be forced to do something you didn't want to do". Now he has the financial protection, so he is financially set for life since he cannot practice ever again.

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