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Daniel Insurance Agency LLC

Alan Daniel has been a licensed insurance agent since 1984 and started his own business in 1985. In that time he has evolved his business into what is now Daniel Insurance Agency LLC, a highly resourceful network of independent agents who are licensed in all 50 states and do business with more than 100 highly rated life insurance carriers.

Life Insurance Case Studies

Heart disease
G .T . in Florida
65 year-old retired CEO of large manufacturing company
Summary: Daniel Insurance obtained a quote that was $72,000 less for the same amount of coverage and from the identical carrier that a large brokerage quoted. Client obtained $7 million policy to meet estate planning needs. This is a dramatic example of the benefits to evaluating clients based on individual merits rather than statistical charts.

High cholesterol
A.F. in New Jersey
55 year old business owner
Summary: Individual in need of coverage was turned down or highly rated by several companies was compelled to pay an annual premium of nearly $40,000 to obtain a $5 million policy. Daniel Insurance reduced premium by about $24,000 for the same coverage by working with one of its top carriers to judge client based on their individual merits.

Obesity, heart condition and high blood pressure
L.S. in Pennsylvania
47 year-old architect
Summary: 6-foot tall, 290 lbs. Individual who had been through cardiac rehabilitation obtained a rated $500,000 policy with a $3,000 annual premium from another agent. Daniel countered existing coverage by getting a "standard plus" rating, which reduced premium to $1,585 for the same protection

Cigar smoker
J.D. in Connecticut
32 year-old real estate professional
Summary: Individual who smokes approximately 50 cigars a year was placed into the same rated category as all smokers, resulting in a premium that was triple the rate of an individual that did not smoke at all. Daniel Insurance was able to get annual premium reduced by $2,210 or potentially, $44,200 over the 20-year term (not factoring unknown inflation or additional investment interest).

Estate Planning: Type 2 diabetic (controlled blood pressure and cholesterol)
I.V. in New Jersey
65 year-old CEO of manufacturing corporation
Summary: Alan Daniel helped client in 1990 obtain a non-rated $3 million term-life insurance policy at age 50. Individual now interested to increase coverage to $10 million for estate planning and retirement security; however heart disease and quadruple bypass in 1999 has since classified client as higher risk. Daniel Insurance helped him achieve his goals.

Prostate cancer
R.S. in Arizona
74 year-old retired CPA and business owner
Summary: This retiree was faced with increasingly unaffordable annual premiums. Daniel Insurance secured a 10-year $500,000 term policy with a fixed annual premium and still saved them over $7,000 per year.

Chronic renal insufficiency
W.T. in Florida
71 year-old retired CEO of communications company
Summary: Client wanted to reduce coverage from a $10 million policy that surpassed its original purpose. However, efforts to do so through other agents/brokers and direct from carriers were either declined or were rated with cost-prohibitive premiums. Daniel Insurance not only obtained the desired policy with a preferred rating, they negotiated a $1,140,000 cash payout for the original policy, which the client viewed as "found money."

Rheumatoid arthritis
A.B. in Massachusetts
70 year-old retired business owner
Summary: Other agents could only deliver rated policies with excessive premiums based on this pre-existing condition. But Daniel Insurance was able to obtain a standard rating by calling upon an underwriter it works with at a top-rated insurance carrier and advocating that this client was stable and in good health. Now this client is paying a much more favorable premium and enjoying the right financial protection and security for his family.