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Alan Daniel has been a licensed insurance agent since 1984 and started his own business in 1985. In that time he has evolved his business into what is now Daniel Insurance Agency LLC, a highly resourceful network of independent agents who are licensed in all 50 states and do business with more than 100 highly rated life insurance carriers.

Term Life Insurance Quotes for Cigarette Smokers & Alternate Tobacco Users

The saying, "all smokers are created equal" is a misnomer. Yes, if you use cigarettes, life insurance rates will be approximately double that of a non-cigarette smoker. However, after 12 months of being cigarette free we can secure you a non-tobacco rate! Furthermore, if you remain cigarette free for 12 or more months, but still use nicorette gum, e-cigs or any other product to keep the urge away, we also have a few carriers that will reward you with non-tobacco rates since you remained off cigarettes.

We have spent years working with our 50+ carriers to find the niche for our friends who use cigarettes or alternate tobacco products.

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