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Daniel Insurance Agency LLC

Daniel Insurance Agency, LLC
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Glenn Fine Bio

After playing on the gridiron and graduating from Rutgers, I entered the life insurance business in 1986. I joined my father who had established a Hall of Fame career as a Life producer for Home Life Insurance Company. Unfortunately, dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away in September 1987. I saw first hand the challenges families faced when losing the breadwinner and saw the legacy he left behind due to his love for his family. Life insurance could never replace him, but life insurance guaranteed my brothers would successfully graduate dental school and go on to successful careers and my mother would never have to worry about how she is going to feed her family.

The valuable lesson learned is there in no product on the planet that does what life insurance does. It steps in when the breadwinner steps out.

I have made it my goal to be the best purveyor of life insurance in the nation by understanding each carrier and their advantages and disadvantages in their portfolio and bring that knowledge to my clients to delivery the most competitive product in the market place.

Term life insurance is a commodity and price is the driving force behind the level term product. My father entered the business in 1965 and I have never had or heard of a life insurance company not pay a death claim due to insolvency or bankruptcy. Why would anyone pay more for a product of similar benefit? They wouldn't, and so goes our belief to find the best cost products and deliver through unparalleled underwriting in the business.

My career has come full circle, after my father passed; I spent the next 7-8 years in the business doing full financial planning for clients. I was involved in all aspects of insurance and investment planning, from simple mutual funds to complex retirement plans, disability income plans to funding buy-sell agreement, long term care insurance to group life and health plans, I have sold it all.

My dad always preached to me to sell life insurance and be the best in that arena. Well, 20 years later, Alan and I met at a family function and he asked me to get back in 100%. I decided to focus my energy and re-enter the life insurance business full time.. In the circle of life we sometimes go full circle.

Still leaning on the values my father and mother instilled in me to treat people the way I would like to be treated has served me well. Do the right thing, helping people protect their most precious asset with the best products in the nation.

Working hard everyday and doing what I love, it's really not a job, it's my life..